Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Spring Momentum

 Nearly six weeks after the official start of spring, it's finally here, and gaining momentum.  After a few false starts the sputtering spring seems to have ceased.  Bright blue skies, a warm breeze and stratocumulous clouds typical of summer have us all convinced the worst is over.  It is hard to look out at a sheet of ice underneath skies typical of July and not imagine yourself in a canoe.  Temperatures in the 60's have eaten away at most of the snow in open spots, a few banks along the road and piles in the shade are all that remain.  Being rid of all the snow will feel good but what we are really looking forward to is a lake free of ice.  Most of Clearwater Lake is still solid, but in the past couple days it has turned from white to gray which will absorb more sunlight and expedite the melting process.  There are even a few places where it is pulling away from shore, and I wonder whether or not a canoe would fit.  With continued warm temperatures and ice eating rain in the forecast the melting should proceed indefinitely.  Our best guesses put ice out between 10 and 20 days from now, and we will update and refine our estimates as the month progresses. Soon enough this interminable winter will be a distant memory, and once again the water will match the sky .

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